Hired Hitter

I am a session dummer for hire and can do recording work in a studio or join your band for live gigs or a series of gigs.  I am proficient in all musical genres which makes me adaptable to easily fit into just about any group.

I have an arsenal of drum equipment for any set-up and situation, and I can bring the right energy and groove to cover your needs.  From Jazz, to Rock, to Musical Theatre Orchestra, I can be your Hired Hitter!  Contact Me for more information on my rates and availability.

Groups Zack Has Played Drums With

  • Slow Gherkin
  • Sasha Dobson
  • Keith Greeninger
  • Preacher Boy
  • Dayan Kai
  • Dillon Baiocchi Quartet
  • The Channel Three
  • Tom Schuman
  • Jon Dryden Trio
  • Tammi Brown
  • James Lee Murray
  • Bob Burnett
  • Carie & The Soulshakers
  • Sourmash Hug Band
  • Deep Five
  • Yuji Tojo
  • Steve Abrams Trio
  • Smith Dobson Jr
  • 7 Come 11
  • Carolyn Sills Combo
  • The B-Movie Kings 
  • Steve Wilson Quartet
  • Wally’s Swing World
  • India with Straight Ahead
  • Electric Playground
  • Mood Swing Orchestra
  • Mike Hadley Band
  • Come Fly with Me
  • Terrel Eaton’s Da Bop
  • Cruise Tones
  • Band of Unusual Size
  • HOQ Group
  • Super Sauce
  • Gill Cadilli Trio
  • Nora Cruz Sextet
  • Slant 6 Trio
  • De Anza College Big Band
  • Cabrillo College Big Band
  • Cabrillo Stage
  • Shakespeare Santa Cruz
  • Jewel Theatre Company
  • Community Mountain Theatre
  • C.Y.T.
  • Kids on Broadway

Some Past Gigs