Drum Tech

Fortunately I’ve been blessed with a mechanical brain.  I’ve actually spent some time wrenching on cars, and I think it definitely helped me with understanding all the different pieces of the drum set and how the gear works. I like geeking out on all the little gadgets and doo-dads that make up a drum set—as well as bearing edges, wood, tuning, head selection, etc. This instrument is immensely complex, even though it’s very simple at it’s core.  Not to mention there’s a lot of tricks of the trade.

If I’m not playing the drums, I really enjoy supporting other drummers. I’ve been taking care of the drums at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center since around 2004. I moonlight as a drumtech a few other times a year. It’s enabled me to meet a lot of my drum heroes and talk shop with some of the best. I’ve been drum teching for the Monterey Jazz Festival since 2009. In 2017 I did a Netflix comedy special with Fred Armisen. I recently started working for the Next Generation Jazz Festival, as well. Here are some pictures from my adventures.

Fred Armisen’s Netflix Special