Zack Olsen’s Studio Lessons

I’ve been teaching drum lessons in the Santa Cruz area since 1996. I began teaching because I’m very passionate about sharing my drumming experience and helping to inspire students of all ages and abilities to play and enjoy the drums. My private drum studio is located in Soquel, Ca., is fully soundproofed, and contains side-by-side teacher/student drumkits of excellent quality.

Everything you need to make your lesson productive and fun is waiting for you in the studio. When you arrive for your lesson, you might be lucky enough to be greeted by TipToe, the cat, and although he might want to join you in your lesson, he doesn’t come beyond the studio door. The waiting room is artistically painted with drummer legends who have inspired me over the years. But you won’t be waiting long, as I’m very punctual and know that you’re looking forward to getting into the studio for your private lesson time. Once in the studio, you might adjust the drum-kit to your fit and preference and we’ll start hitting some drums and having some fun!

I customize each lesson to meet the needs and learning style of each individual student so it’s fun and educational at the same time. Of course I have a metronome, a computer with music galore, and libraries of my own handwritten music for learning rudiments, grooves, fills, and songs that you’re interested in. We will work from books, as well, but most often I will write the music out for you that is tailored to the lesson and your ability to read music. Surely you’ll leave your lesson inspired to go home and practice all that you’ve learned. With private lessons and disciplined at-home practice, you’ll be certain to enjoy your drumming experience and will notice improvement quickly!

I offer weekly and bi-weekly private lessons. Please contact me for current availability, current rates, and to schedule your first lesson!

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Zack’s Teaching Mission

  • To inspire and help each student reach their goal

  • To create an environment that is comfortable and open

  • To find fun and creative ways to impart good technique, reading, and knowledge of the many styles and feels

  • To take each student as an individual

  • To teach students based on how they learn

  • To help students build confidence behind the kit and in life

Welcome to Zack Olsen’s Drum Studio!