I cannot say enough good things about Zack Olsen and his drum mastery.

If you are just starting out, Zack lays down the basics and will have you traveling the kit to groovin’ beats.  Have a difficult piece to master?  Zack can break it down and you’ll find yourself flowing.

Our son started with Zack when he was 6 years old.  Now, at 18, he’ll be leaving the Santa Cruz area for UNT to major in Jazz Studies.  This wouldn’t be possible without Zack’s patient instruction, endless enthusiasm and thoughtful criticism.

Basically, if you want to drum and you want to be good – you gotta take lessons from Zack Olsen.

Christie AH Z., Santa Cruz, Ca

I’ve taken drums lessons from 4 different drum teachers throughout the county, Zack is the best by far. He’s incredibly patient, kind and talented!

Janet V., Aptos, Ca

Zack’s an amazing teacher! I have never had a bad lesson. Not only is he a great teacher/person, but is extremely flexible when it comes to lessons.

Dani C., Aptos, Ca

When it comes to collaborations with drummers, I am acutely aware that I’ve been fortunate to punch above my weight class for the vast majority of my career. I’ve been picky, I admit, but I’ve been rewarded for that pickiness with the blessing of great players time and time again. Zack Kirk Olsen is a great player, unquestionably, but he’s something more than that as well. It’s been said that to be a great poet, you must be a great reader. Zack is living proof that to be a great drummer, you must be a great listener. His ability to listen, experience, digest, and internalize the music he engages with is extraordinary, and is rivaled only by his uncanny talent for then expressing in the most nuanced ways, his understanding of what he’s taken in. His singular reconciliation of humility and confidence results in performances of exceptional depth and power—performances that display his intellect without straying from the funk. The musicians I have always admired most are those who are deadly serious about doing that which is ultimately very fun, and who engage in lifetimes of deep study in the service of acting, in those key improvisational moments, as if they are totally and blissfully unaware that any rules exist at all. Zack Kirk Olsen is exactly this kind of player. It’s why I wanted to work with him the first time, and it’s why I’ll want to work with him the next time, and the time after that, and beyond.

Christopher Watkins, Preacher Boy, Santa Cruz, Ca

Zack has always been such a positive aspect of my life; throughout my often difficult upbringing, he was always there for me, as a mentor and even a father figure. Zack has seen me living my dream, playing my drums on tour all over the world, but has also seen me in the lowest points of my life. He is always ready to go over and beyond for me despite how incredibly busy he is. I strive to be as influential as this amazing instructor who has made such a positive impact on my music career and my life. I’m grateful everyday for the guidance he’s given me and the inspiration he has shared with so many other musicians.

Garin Rosen, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Santa Cruz, Ca

Zack is an incredible teacher. He teaches little kids, teens adults, all levels and all styles. He is amazing at rock, ska, jazz, and plays around with bands, combos, theater productions, and all manner of drum needs.

I can’t recommend Zack highly enough. If you want to learn the drums, he’s the guy to go to!

Paul Z., Santa Crux, Ca

Zack is an amazing teacher. He teaches my 8 year old son and has for over a year now.  He’s so patient with him and really knows how to get him to relax when he gets frustrated and back on track when he gets squirrely.

As long as my son wants to keep playing drums, we’ll keep going to Zack. He’s learned so much, it’s really incredible.

Robyn P., Santa Cruz, Ca

My daughter just started taking lessons from Zack. He has to be one of the most patient and talented music teachers I’ve met. He knows how to break it down and make it fun for younger students who are just starting out (my daughter is in 2nd grade). I wasn’t sure how it would be sitting in on a beginner drumming lesson, but it was very enjoyable. Super impressed!

Nic R., Aptos, Ca

Both my son and I have taken lessons from Zack. Not only is he a super talented drummer, with a lot of knowledge and experience, but he’s a good person to be around. He’s personable, lighthearted, has a great sense of humor, and works well with people whether they’re 7, 17 or 70. The studio behind his house is homey and well equipped. Parking is easy. If you’re looking for drum lessons, there’s no reason not to call Zack.

K. M., Santa Cruz, Ca

Don’t miss a beat, go to Zack for drum lessons! You won’t be disappointed!

Zack is a gifted teacher.  He is patient, organized, and a talented drummer in any style of music you want to learn.  He allows you to learn what you want, but also mixes in a good amount of rudiments and drumming exercises to practice on your own.  He can bring anything down to a basic level so you’re feeling progress immediately and consistently.  Zack is simply amazing and I can’t imagine a better drum teacher anywhere!

Letitia D., Los Gatos, Ca

Zack = Greatest teacher/drummer/person EVER!! Words cannot describe how awesome of an experience it was to study with Zack. I had a 1 hour lesson once a week for 10 years and it was worth every penny and more. Zack goes at your own pace, never gets impatient (like ever) and GUARANTEED you will learn something new and awesome EVERY lesson. I used to go home after my lessons and go straight to my drums and play the new things I learned because I was so excited to play them again. He will teach you any style of drumming that you want, and trust me he can play EVERYTHING. He’s played with rock bands, jazz combos, big bands…EVERYTHING. So basically if you live in Santa Cruz, or anywhere on the Central Coast for that matter, and you want to learn how to play the drums…Call Zack.

Kyle T., Santa Cruz, Ca

Zach is a great guy and a very very very seasoned and talented teacher and drummer!! His studio is in a nice location, beautiful wall art in waiting room, and a very quality studio and practice area. Zach works really hard to keep the love of music instilled and all of his students no matter their age or “skill level” and insuring the future of musicians that respect drumming and music as the wonderful art it is.

Joshua D., San Jose, Ca